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Based in Cambridge

'we need each other, we all belong, how could it possibly be otherwise'

Combining the experience gathered as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the NHS with the meditative practices of mindfulness & deep rest to create supportive, transformative spaces in which well being can flourish, in one to ones, outside in nature, at work & in schools. For all.

Spaces to learn to bring a mindful attention to our inner and outer worlds, to reconnect with what is natural and trustworthy so that we can wake up to our lives to meet whatever arises, with more understanding, compassion and care. 

The challenges we face are many. We need to be present, to listen deeply, to remember who we truly are so that we can come back home into presence & heart.

'nurture all this being human asks of you, live in the full wing spans stretch of it'



'Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray' Rumi

I worked as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years in the NHS, with a passion for developing services that had the prevention of suffering at their heart, that promoted well being and that were as inclusive and far reaching as possible. I now combine this passion with a heartfelt dedication to and experience in practising and teaching the meditative traditions of mindfulness and deep rest.


'There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of, vast ranges of experience, like the humming of unseen harps, we know nothing of, within us'

'Terra Incognita' DH Lawrence



Sessions growing all the time, so check back regularly or join my mailing list. If there is something you would like to work with me on, to offer together, I am very open to co-creating and getting wellbeing services as wide and deep as they are needed, any query just get in touch.

Open Field
Holding Hands
Buddha Statue


Sessions currently suspended due to covid, some on-line creativity cafes may be coming soon!
Usually I offer the following and in time I hope to resume these.
Waking up the senses and reconnecting to the world around us with mindful walks, creative writing, lunch time de-stress strolls and classes for carers, babies & children. All outside in beautiful parks, woods & meadows.


These will resume when safe to do so, and can temporarily be offered in certain circumstances on zoom.


During lockdown I have been offering a monthly, twice a week guided meditation with a focus on how to bring the alarm system down, to find some peace and calm beneath the stress and to meet the challenges we all face at present with care and kindness.

They run on a suggested donation, and are freely offered if you have been financially affected by lockdown. More info here.

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I have a wealth of experience in all of the above, gathered from across NHS Trusts, voluntary sectors, Universities & the corporate sector. 

I love listening to what may be really needed, beyond ideas, really opening up possibilities so that creativity & well being can lead. I believe a profound sanity is possible when individuals and groups feel safe, that their hearts are engaged and they are fully resourced from the inside out. 

I also run regular workshops & retreats including mindfulness in nature workshops, yoga and rest meditation sanctuaries and creative writing sessions. All detailed when you explore 'more information' below.


Following the day with you a sense of peace has filled my heart.
I don’t remember ever feeling this peaceful.
It’s like the constant talking mind has quietened. The womb like rest we shared, was somehow deeply moving.
I feel braver than ever,


Your sharings and reflections continue to bring me comfort, connection and insights.
Thank you Carolyn, for your gentle reminders of what really matters, which help to keep me anchored in truth, in this chaotic physical world in which we live.


I have been attending classes for nearly a year and find them so nourishing. I have also experienced one to ones and found Carolyn to be incredibly supportive with a vast amount of knowledge and true wisdom. I went with the intention of helping my body to rest and found true friendship, so much healing - the whole experience has changed my life.




'You are what you do, not what you say you will do' Carl Jung

Get in touch with any query, to book sessions, or to just ask to be added to my mailing list. A blog will be coming soon.

There are always new things happening and I would love to hear if there is anything you may want added in your area.

I am based in Cambridge but offer services all across the county and occasionally further when the need arises
Skype contact is also available


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