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Contemplating together, learning together 

I teach at Satyam Yoga Centre Chesterton every Saturday morning 11-12.30.  The offering is a deep rest guided meditation followed by an opportunity to reflect on practice, to learn about the workings of our minds, to recognise patterns that keep us trapped in small ideas of who we are.

A chance to unwind and free up what is ready to be freed in us and to realise how connected we are to each other.

Finding ease beneath pressure and realising the elusive peace we long for isn't something we have to strive for, it is in us, inherent, underneath the layers of conditioning that we all have. No pressure to share, just staying quiet is always a choice to exercise.


 I also offer an online twice weekly guided meditation and enquiry group which include space to reflect and learn together.
We focus on ways to soothe the alarm system, to rest back into some ease and to unhook from the story lines that really don't serve us
No pressure to be more relaxed, but more an invitation to find a way to meet whatever you are experiencing with friendliness and care.

A true sense of community, of letting the practice move from the room of each other into the outer world

We share and support and grow in new ways to be together

We remember the vital place of friendship and community
These on-line sessions are unfortunately currently full, but new sessions will be available soon


Get in touch to find out more.

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