Buddha Statue


 Theme 'Bringing friendliness and care to all that is here' May 22nd-23rd June (you can join late as recordings are available)

I am going to offer another on line twice weekly guided meditations month
I actually found it a really uplifting way to connect and teach and feedback has been for more.

You don't have to have done the first month to join and begin, each one is a beginning.
Again they will be Fridays at 11am and Tuesday evenings at 7pm, either live, or you can listen later, via the recordings I send out after each session.

They will be via zoom, I will be the only one visible on camera, so its private to join and rest up as you would like to. It has been lovely to feel into the support of everyone there though, its felt like a quiet but potent way to connect.

Each one will be for 40 minutes and will focus on ways to soothe the alarm system, to rest back into some ease and to unhook from the story lines that really don't serve us just now.

No pressure to be more relaxed, but more an invitation to find a way to meet whatever you are experiencing with friendliness and care.

I am asking £25 for the month, which will include 10 meditations, live and the recordings. However, if you too have been affected financially by the lock down, please feel free to offer what you can, or to attend freely. I would not want anyone's personal circumstances to keep them from something they may need.