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Living without apology

The forest is beautiful because its wild, untamed, itself entirely. The trees don't compare and hold back. The reach for light is natural and full, the plunging of roots into the earth is instinctive and complete. Where did we learn to hold back, to try to be like the other trees, to compare our foliage, and try to fit in? What made us hold back from the light, to only contemplate where we may need to plunge into the earth to receive what we need, without ever just doing it. What wants to live through us, what are we waiting for, what do we need to grow, to be ourselves entirely, without apology? As I am writing this, this song came on in the background, randomly (or not!)

Thinking what an anthem this must have been for women, 55 years ago 'I'm free and I love to be free'

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