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What do we really want?

What do we really want, beyond the lists? Really asking the question, coming in close to oneself, listening deeply, being open and soft and willing to hear what may come back. When did someone last ask you what you really needed, and have the presence and time to truly listen and hear you, for as long as it took to find out? When did you last ask yourself and pull up a seat to wait long enough to hear the reply? This time of year when the habit of lists hits a new high and the pressure to be 'Christmas ready' (as I hear people asking each other over and over) becomes a set talking piece, really being close to oneself feels more vital than ever. What we really feel, need and live for does not fit into a box, does not sit on a list, waiting. It is brave work, always in progress, beyond habit, beyond story. Taking the time, daily, even moment by moment, to ask ourselves 'what do we really want?' really matters. It really matters. Letting the question, like the yellow and gold final leaves of winter, translucent now and ready, fall.

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