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Couple Meditating

I offer all of the above across a range of organisations, schools, work places, voluntary services, and social action groups.

I have a wealth of experience and a deep passion for promoting well being & connection across the board. I particularly like working in a way that co-trains, that truly collaborates, so that I am not 'the expert' that is the only one who can do it.

I absolutely love passing on skills, creating sustainable, nourishing spaces to be. To promote and support a way to feeling whole instead of scattered, divided, or feeling under-resourced or overwhelmed.

I have experience delivering a range of mindfulness based programs and well being packages across NHS Trusts

into a range of organisations, including higher education and a whole range of mental health services. 

I am particularly passionate about creating spaces for people to feel more at home in themselves, to lower stress levels and burn out. I particularly love listening, really hearing what people are finding challenging, what the longing is for. I believe we all know deep down, when we calm the waters of the mind, what is a more trustworthy intelligence.

We just need the space to slow down and rest into that.

Creativity, well being, sanity comes when we feel safe, connected and the heart is engaged in what we do. 




I am not running retreats at present


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