Couple Meditating

I offer all of the above across a range of organisations, schools, work places, voluntary services, and social action groups.

I have a wealth of experience and a deep passion for promoting well being & connection across the board. I particularly like working in a way that co-trains, that truly collaborates, so that I am not 'the expert' that is the only one who can do it.

I absolutely love passing on skills, creating sustainable, nourishing spaces to be. To promote and support a way to feeling whole instead of scattered, divided, or feeling under-resourced or overwhelmed.

I have experience delivering a range of mindfulness based programs and well being packages across NHS Trusts

into a range of organisations, including higher education and a whole range of mental health services. 

I am particularly passionate about creating spaces for people to feel more at home in themselves, to lower stress levels and burn out. I particularly love listening, really hearing what people are finding challenging, what the longing is for. I believe we all know deep down, when we calm the waters of the mind, what is a more trustworthy intelligence.

We just need the space to slow down and rest into that.

Creativity, well being, sanity comes when we feel safe, connected and the heart is engaged in what we do. 




Gentle Yoga & Deep Rest Sessions

Saturday 18th Jan, Saturday 1st Feb & Saturday 15th Feb Come to 1, 2, or all 3 from 2-4.30pm £28 per session

St Marys Community Hall Great Shelford

Gathering together for a session of gentle yoga, exploring poses and reconnecting with simple inner ease followed by a pause including warm drinks and snacks. Then a spacious session of guided meditation, resting back, allowing both body and mind to unwind, settle and come home to simplicity and peace.

Suitable for newcomers to yoga or to deep rest meditation. 

Run by Ruby Pallon (Teaching Hatha Yoga) & myself.

Spaces limited, to pre book or find out more please get in touch.


Mindfulness in Nature & Creative Writing Retreat

Sat 2nd November 10-4

Practising mindfulness & deep rest meditation whilst enjoying the natural, beautiful sanctuary of the Great Fen at Ramsey Heights and a chance to enjoy a rare chance to visit and relax in  Rothschild's Bungalow, a 15 minute walk away, and to engage in some mindful writing practices there. Get in touch for more information and to pre book £55 (it is possible to just do the morning or afternoon) for £30 for either. Booking under events at 

Resting into Autumn 

Gentle Yoga & Deep Rest Meditation Sanctuary

Sat 16th November 10-3

Space to be with yourself in an unhurried way with uplifting & nurturing yoga, a warming lunch and restorative guided meditation in the beautiful st Mary's Community Hall Great Shelford 

Get in touch for more information & to prebook £60 (or £55 if you would like to bring your own lunch)

Clay Time

Saturday 23rd November 11-12.30

A calming morning of mindful practices for both you and your little ones and a chance to create with clay, to make something personal as gifts or decorations for the festive period in the beautiful St Mary’s Community Hall, Great Shelford (next to Shelford Primary School)

for mums/dads/carers and children ages 4-7 (children must be accompanied)

£15 (additional children £5) includes some simple guided mindful practices to set the scene for adults and children, and all materials, drinks, snacks & clay decorations & gifts made, for you to take home. Run with Nina Powell a ceramic enthusiast.

Deep Rest Retreat Day

Saturday 7th December 10.30-4pm

A chance to turn inward and rest deeply, in the quiet company of others, with guided meditations, walking in nature, a healthy lunch. A restorative and nourishing day, really nesting down before the pull of the festive season.

Great Shelford (contact me for more info) £50 including food and drinks. £48 if you would like to bring your own.